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FIFA 14 – impressions ‘next-gen’

While the version that Cheap fifa 14 coins is already on sale in FIFA 14 slightly disappointed (you remember why with our analysis ), it appears that adaptation to the new consoles compensate their faults. The difference between the two games is notorious. EA is a step that Fifa 14 ultimate team coins gives positive, a sign that they are making the transition to the next generation seriously. The last time we changed consoles, the first FIFA I tried riding was not nearly as full.

It is not only an added layer of visual gloss over the formula thanks to Ignite engine and the new hardware. Clearly, the game enters the eye; blades of grass blown up when the ejected leather boots, realistic waves in elastic fabric of players, fans arms up when a goal is scored. But progress and improvement is more substantial than that, so that the changes are completing EA will make a difference.

All that remains is to measure the size of that difference. We took a half dozen games and could take a good feel for the new version, but will have to wait to play a lot more in order to issue a verdict on whether these welcome changes radically change the game. For now, we can lift the thumb so far promising. When it hits stores in a month, FIFA 14 for consoles ‘next-gen’ from Microsoft and Sony will be good.

Removing the most visual realism and detail, the most exciting developments are in the interior. The artificial intelligence of the players improved note, and now it seems the game developers and take advantage of the increased capacity of the IA process to allocate a number of players to positions where they would previously only approached a couple of them. This perhaps more noticeable when you touch a header. During our test items after we scored several goals testarazos powerful. Players jump together, rise like the crest of a wave and the luckiest or right connects with the ball to move, cut, or finish in a stylized gesture. Looks good, more realistic.

Another notable difference with the more technical-and that is not limited to luxury-visual resources is the introduction of “hundreds and hundreds” of new animations for players. The raw power of PS4 and Xbox One allows developers detail the movements much better recreation for the actions of the player on screen. Before, they had to cut animations every time they wanted to incorporate new features or mechanical, so that team members had devoted body and soul to free memory game for the new shares have enough space and functioned proficiently. This relief means that we will have many more matches and more convincing answers, and for people who check their hundreds of hours each season FIFA mania will be cause for celebration.

And then they can recreate more with their achievements. The meetings are much more like a television broadcast. Replays now include “cool stuff” or interesting plays, not only scoring goals. Players may have been crucial for the party to appear in several iterations as in telly; Retrieving his best turns and turns, sometimes fouls or providential stops. FIFA previous deliveries timidly tried this, but now, with dozens of new camera angles that are designed by imitating those used in the broadcasting of football actually feel much more cinematic.

The team also works to improve the flow of matches without cuts, for example by influencing actions and take them out quick band introduced in FIFA 13 . Now the game (fun) never stops, but we have to check if the above incorporation additional repetitions affects the rhythm of the meetings. Although early indications are positive, after long play times we could start changing your mind about what is perceived during our brief and intense first test. Time will tell (in a month).

During the test event chatted with the producer of FIFA 14 , Nick Channon, in an interview that you can see in full cover . We consult on specific details of consoles, such as how they are taking advantage of the new controls One Xbox and PS4 or how they fit Kinect and PS Camera in the formula. As to the first received a vague answer without much chicha, and for cameras we told us that working with Kinect voice commands and have not yet touched the PlayStation Eye. Might serve as a hint that the effort of including a Microsoft Kinect in each case and is serving for his insistence that developers pay more attention to the proposal from Sony.

There is also a slight difference in the content that will reach every platform. Xbox users (of any of their consoles) have access to FIFA Ultimate Team Legends, and the truth is I can not hide my desire to travel through time and be able to hit the ball to Dennis Bergkamp controlling. A (odd) selection of great historical players in this mode appears to the delight of nostalgic. A PlayStation gamers who want to play with Pele, Iron and company have no choice but to lament the exclusivity agreement between EA and Microsoft.

Returning to the field, “instincts pro” provide an extra degree of simulation of human intelligence. EA ensures that the physical interaction between players is also improved with the new hardware, so now you will see the players dodging tickets that would have previously taken them headlong into the grass, something possible in this case because the AI ??player can anticipate something more based on what is happening around them. The study also presented the “authentic movement of the players.” In essence, this is precision movement with real biomechanical and improved locomotion system to bring more realism to the behavior of 22 men. The turns, in particular, are less marked, but more convincing.

The default camera of previous installments slightly reduced height, and although it may seem a minor change has been made so that the plane take more public. Now that fans are rendered in 3D, this new camera angle brings something more lively. Or at least that’s the intention; Maybe we were too focused on the action we had at hand and on the other hand there were many more Xboxes One in the same room, so the volume was not very high and it was difficult to feel the environmental recreation.

The ‘next-gen’ version of FIFA 14 comes with a surprising amount of news on the formula for success. The games that came out for PS3 or Xbox 360 a few weeks ago were too similar to its predecessors, with the notable differences in the interface and not in the development of parties. Although there is no doubt that these new versions are canon FIFA also seem a step much more obvious front, one that itself might be worth the financial investment that ask players each season. We look forward to take much longer to analyze game makes a difference how far the ultimate FIFA 14 , but playing ball first feelings are certainly positive.

FIFA 14 update hits Xbox One

EA has released a new fifa coins update for the Xbox One version of the game.

Designed to resolve an issue where users are unfairly awarded a win or avoid a loss after disconnecting from FIFA Ultimate Team matches, the same FIFA 14 update was released for the PS4 version of the game on February 21.

EA said this week: “Our commitment to improve fifa ultimate team coins is ongoing, and regular feedback from our fans helps us prioritize and identify future improvements.

“Thanks for your feedback on Twitter, Facebook, and the EA Forums. We’ll continue to provide you with information through those channels as and when it becomes available.”

The next game in EA’s long-running football series, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, will launch exclusively on Xbox 360 and PS3 on April 15.

Explaining the decision not to release the title on Xbox One and PS4, an EA Sports spokesperson told CVG in February that the company’s goal was to “create a great game within our development resources that could reach as many people as possible”.

They added: “For our fans on the new generation of consoles and playing FIFA 14, we will have a range of engaging content, promotions and tournament within FIFA Ultimate Team so that those fans can experience the World Cup in unique and fun ways.”

The Walt Disney Company Breaking News

The Walt Disney Company Breaking News

Disney is an iconic company with a large portfolio of beloved characters it has only begun to monetize.

Disney’s multi platform strategy ensures strong and sustained growth as the company continues to capitalize on its most recent Frozen and expanding Marvel Franchises.

The next generation of Star Wars films provide the opening of yet another franchise to generate growth over the Disney multi platform strategy in 2015 and beyond.

Despite its market premium Disney should be strongly considered as a core growth holding as it offers a predictable source of sustained growth over a variety of media platforms.

Walt Disney reported its Q2 FY 2014 earnings on May 07, 2014, posting an adjusted diluted EPS of $1.11 up 41% YoY.

Disney is a typical growth company and has posted continuously increasing revenues since 1991 except for a couple of years immediately after the 2001 and 2008 recessions.

Disney’s growth is expected to continue going forward and in 2015 the company is expected to post record profits.

Projects in the pipeline, increasing top and bottom lines and aggressive share buyback programs make the stock attractive for long term investors.

Something has to give with pay TV and sports

Pay TV operators (DISH, DTV, CHTR, CVC, TWC) will have to spend about $18.32 a month per subscriber within wo years to gain broad rights to sports content, according to estimates from SNL Kagan. That figure makes it difficult for the group to offer smaller bundles to bring back cord cutters and lure cord nevers. The major sports broadcasters (DIS, TWX, FOXA, CMCSA, CBS) only earned about $1.17 a month in 1995, despite lacking any competition from streaming or online services. Though the AT and Comcast Time Warner Cable mergers could add leverage to the pay TV side, new sports channels Fox Sport 1 and NBC Sports Network aim to achieve the must have clout and high carriage fees earned by ESPN. Passing on costs might not be an option: Average revenue per user at pay TV operators has hit a tipping point with consumers, with most analysts seeing the push back continuing. “Something has to give,” sums up media analyst Craig Moffett. Aereo has maintained an unfavorable ruling would be a death knell for the company. Broadcasters, meanwhile, had threatened to stop providing their channels over the air, as they looked to protect the lucrative affiliate fees they receive from pay TV providers. Broadcaster shares have moved higher following the verdict: CBS +5.4%. DIS +1.4%. FOX +2%. FOXA +1.9%. CMCSA +0.9%. InterActiveCorp (IACI 1.6%), a major Aereo investor, is trading lower. Prior Aereo coverage

Morgan Stanley crunches the numbers on Disney

Morgan Stanley digs deep into Disney’s (DIS 0.3%) projected earnings before trimming a few cents off of its FQ3 estimate, $1.13 vs. $1.16 MS prior, $1.16 Street consensus, and $1.21 on Estimize. Overall, the Nielsen ratings are up over 30% for ABC/ESPN from the 2010 World Cup despite those viewers utilizing tablets, computers, and phones not being counted as part of the tally. What to watch: The ratings bonanza for the World Cup is expected to give a lift to ESPN’s future soccer coverage including MLS. The timing is also good for Univision (TV) which has reported stellar World Cup coverage ratings. Univision is the topic of buyout speculation with both CBS (CBS) and Time Warner (TWX) viewed to be in the mix.

Handicapping the Aereo vs. Broadcasters SCOTUS case

A decision by the Supreme Court in the case pitting Aereo against major broadcasters (CBS, FOXA, CMCSA, DIS) is expected to be announced next week. A check of the court’s docket shows June 23, June 25, and June 26 as possible announcement dates. If Aereo wins a favorable ruling from SCOTUS rapid expansion could be on tap, even though the start up might still face a fight on Capitol Hill and with the FCC. If Aereo loses the company will likely go away. CEO Chet Kanojia has dismissed talk that paying broadcasters a carriage fee was an option. Beyond the headline from the high court on Aereo, media attorneys will be busy looking at the nuts and bolts of the ruling. The legal precedent set in the case could guide how content is distributed and fees sliced up in the future. The stock to watch: CBS has been tipped by analysts as the broadcaster which could see the most volatility as the ruling is dissected. Nomura is a buyer on weakness. Maleficent (DIS) fell to a $19M haul over the weekend and now has earned $165M. Godzilla set records for Warner Bros. (TWX) in China during its opening run. The film earned over $25.8M for the first two days in the nation.

Disney Junior starts to pack a punch

Disney Junior is providing an unexpected boost to sales of consumer products at Disney (DIS) as the network’s ecosystem of characters resonates with the preschool set. Though Disney Junior is still in a tight ratings race with Nickelodean, the strength of the network’s brands have turned it into a meaningful property. What to watch: Disney Junior only charges pay TV operators $0.14/month per subscriber, according to estimates from SNL Kagan. This gives Disney some upside potential to raise revenue through carriage deals as the prospect of pulling Sofia the First programming becomes trickier.

ESPN hopes for historic World Cup

ESPN (DIS) plans to stream all 64 matches of the FIFA World Cup through its Watch ABC app, WatchESPN app, and ESPN3. What to watch: ESPN expects to generate a massive online audience for the soccer tournament which could test Major League Baseball Advanced Media’s networks. The launch of the new WWE Network and Josh Beckett’s no hitter (free Domino’s) caused server overloads at BAM earlier this year.

7 day ratings window could lift network revenue

TV networks (TWX, AMCX, VIA, CMCSA, FOXA, DIS) could get a boost as advertisers weigh letting loose of the 3 day window of counting ad views to move to a broader 7 day window which falls more in line with viewer habits. CBS (CBS 1.1%) COO Joseph Ianniello estimates the shift could present the company a “9 digit opportunity” as ratings on hit shows are lifted dramatically. Bernstein Research puts the benefit in the tens of millions. Webcast of CBS at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Telecom and Media Conference

Workers to Take Sick Days to Watch FIFA World Cup

Workers to Take Sick Days to Watch FIFA World Cup

UK businesses face four weeks of disruption as employees prepare to find as many excuses as they can to stay at home and watch the FIFA World Cup rather than coming into work, according to a survey released today (14 June 2010). And for those off work legitimately on paternity leave, missing a match might still not be an option as one in five said they would rather miss the birth of their first child than miss their favourite team winning the FIFA World Cup.

Such is the worry, that the UK’s Trade Union Congress (TUC) has stepped into the fray by calling on employers to offer flexible working time during the FIFA World Cup so that employees can watch the matches without having to lie.

Sick Days During the FIFA World CupStatistics from a survey by FIFA sponsor Continental Tyres indicate that nine million UK employees will call in sick using 31,850,000 excuses so they can watch the World Cup.

The call has been taken up by unified communications company Outsourcery. Its joint CEO Piers Linney said in a prepared statement: “Businesses need to prevent absenteeism, and by adopting greater flexible working practices, they will benefit from a happier workforce while allowing their employees to be productive and patriotic at the same time.”

He said rather than looking at the FIFA World Cup as a negative in terms of business productivity, businesses should see it as an opportunity to improve relationships with their staff.

And putting its money where its mouth is, Outsourcery is allowing its staff to watch the FIFA World Cup while at work.

Missing Childbirth to Watch the FIFA World CupSo determined are football fans to see every second of every game, one in five said they would miss the birth of their first child to cheer England onto World Cup glory, according to a survey by online bookmaker Partybets.

More than twenty per cent of respondents said they would be willing to miss the birth of their first son or daughter if it clashed with England’s appearance in the World Cup final. The survey did not say how fans who were actually giving birth would manage maybe a television in the maternity ward.

And a quarter of supporters said they would miss the funeral of a friend or family member if it clashed with the big event while 29.3 per cent would be prepared to miss or cancel their own wedding.

Rape Condom to Debut at FIFA World Cup Venues

Rape Condom to Debut at FIFA World Cup Venues

In a country where the number of rapes reported is one of the world’s highest and yet only represents 1 in 9 actual rapes, Dr. Sonnet Ehlers was so moved by an experience with a young rape victim 40 years ago that she has designed a method for women to help protect themselves from this crime. South African females have a greater chance of being raped than learning how to read; one in four females will have been raped before the age of 16 (BBC News). As a medical student, Dr. Ehlers encountered one such young woman. The rape victim told the med student “If only I’d had teeth down there;” Ehlers promised the young woman that someday she would do something to help rape victims (Right Juris).

In 2005, Ehlers sold her home and car to begin the project that would fulfill her promise of 40 years earlier (All Headline News). She consulted with other specialists such as gynecologists, psychologists and engineers to ensure the safety of her device for the women who would be using it (Right Juris).

Having developed a product with which she is satisfied will help to dissuade would be rapists from their activities, Ehlers plans to distribute 30,000 of the Rape aXe condoms for free during the World Cup series. After that, her product will be on the market for approximately $2.00 each.

The Rape aXe condom is inserted into the woman’s vagina. It has specially designed teeth on the inside of the condom that will grab onto a rapist’s penis, which he cannot dislodge without the aid of a physician. While the teeth won’t penetrate his skin, he will be unable to urinate or walk. Should he try to dislodge the condom himself, the rapist will only cause the hooks on the condom’s teeth to cause more pain. There is also no danger for fluid leakage from the condom into the victim.

Ehlers’ device has its critics, such as a fellow at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Uganda, Victoria Kajja. Ms. Kajja denounced the Rape Axe as giving women a false sense of security, saying it would only prevent the physical trauma from rape, not its psychological trauma.

A 29 year old woman who lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and has lived much of her life in fear of becoming a rape victim feels very differently than Ms. Kajja about the rape deterrent condom: “What people need is this condom. Especially when women are most vulnerable, at night and when traveling from one town to the next. When men hear about this, they will be scared. They won’t know who has protected herself and who not” (Right Juris).

Some of the device’s critics have said it is an archaic method; Dr. Ehlers agrees it is an archaic method against an archaic crime. Three decades of nursing experience in long term care, from development of team care planning to hands on patient care. View profile