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FIFA 14 – impressions ‘next-gen’

While the version that Cheap fifa 14 coins is already on sale in FIFA 14 slightly disappointed (you remember why with our analysis ), it appears that adaptation to the new consoles compensate their faults. The difference between the two games is notorious. EA is a step that Fifa 14 ultimate team coins gives positive, a sign that they are making the transition to the next generation seriously. The last time we changed consoles, the first FIFA I tried riding was not nearly as full.

It is not only an added layer of visual gloss over the formula thanks to Ignite engine and the new hardware. Clearly, the game enters the eye; blades of grass blown up when the ejected leather boots, realistic waves in elastic fabric of players, fans arms up when a goal is scored. But progress and improvement is more substantial than that, so that the changes are completing EA will make a difference.

All that remains is to measure the size of that difference. We took a half dozen games and could take a good feel for the new version, but will have to wait to play a lot more in order to issue a verdict on whether these welcome changes radically change the game. For now, we can lift the thumb so far promising. When it hits stores in a month, FIFA 14 for consoles ‘next-gen’ from Microsoft and Sony will be good.

Removing the most visual realism and detail, the most exciting developments are in the interior. The artificial intelligence of the players improved note, and now it seems the game developers and take advantage of the increased capacity of the IA process to allocate a number of players to positions where they would previously only approached a couple of them. This perhaps more noticeable when you touch a header. During our test items after we scored several goals testarazos powerful. Players jump together, rise like the crest of a wave and the luckiest or right connects with the ball to move, cut, or finish in a stylized gesture. Looks good, more realistic.

Another notable difference with the more technical-and that is not limited to luxury-visual resources is the introduction of “hundreds and hundreds” of new animations for players. The raw power of PS4 and Xbox One allows developers detail the movements much better recreation for the actions of the player on screen. Before, they had to cut animations every time they wanted to incorporate new features or mechanical, so that team members had devoted body and soul to free memory game for the new shares have enough space and functioned proficiently. This relief means that we will have many more matches and more convincing answers, and for people who check their hundreds of hours each season FIFA mania will be cause for celebration.

And then they can recreate more with their achievements. The meetings are much more like a television broadcast. Replays now include “cool stuff” or interesting plays, not only scoring goals. Players may have been crucial for the party to appear in several iterations as in telly; Retrieving his best turns and turns, sometimes fouls or providential stops. FIFA previous deliveries timidly tried this, but now, with dozens of new camera angles that are designed by imitating those used in the broadcasting of football actually feel much more cinematic.

The team also works to improve the flow of matches without cuts, for example by influencing actions and take them out quick band introduced in FIFA 13 . Now the game (fun) never stops, but we have to check if the above incorporation additional repetitions affects the rhythm of the meetings. Although early indications are positive, after long play times we could start changing your mind about what is perceived during our brief and intense first test. Time will tell (in a month).

During the test event chatted with the producer of FIFA 14 , Nick Channon, in an interview that you can see in full cover . We consult on specific details of consoles, such as how they are taking advantage of the new controls One Xbox and PS4 or how they fit Kinect and PS Camera in the formula. As to the first received a vague answer without much chicha, and for cameras we told us that working with Kinect voice commands and have not yet touched the PlayStation Eye. Might serve as a hint that the effort of including a Microsoft Kinect in each case and is serving for his insistence that developers pay more attention to the proposal from Sony.

There is also a slight difference in the content that will reach every platform. Xbox users (of any of their consoles) have access to FIFA Ultimate Team Legends, and the truth is I can not hide my desire to travel through time and be able to hit the ball to Dennis Bergkamp controlling. A (odd) selection of great historical players in this mode appears to the delight of nostalgic. A PlayStation gamers who want to play with Pele, Iron and company have no choice but to lament the exclusivity agreement between EA and Microsoft.

Returning to the field, “instincts pro” provide an extra degree of simulation of human intelligence. EA ensures that the physical interaction between players is also improved with the new hardware, so now you will see the players dodging tickets that would have previously taken them headlong into the grass, something possible in this case because the AI ??player can anticipate something more based on what is happening around them. The study also presented the “authentic movement of the players.” In essence, this is precision movement with real biomechanical and improved locomotion system to bring more realism to the behavior of 22 men. The turns, in particular, are less marked, but more convincing.

The default camera of previous installments slightly reduced height, and although it may seem a minor change has been made so that the plane take more public. Now that fans are rendered in 3D, this new camera angle brings something more lively. Or at least that’s the intention; Maybe we were too focused on the action we had at hand and on the other hand there were many more Xboxes One in the same room, so the volume was not very high and it was difficult to feel the environmental recreation.

The ‘next-gen’ version of FIFA 14 comes with a surprising amount of news on the formula for success. The games that came out for PS3 or Xbox 360 a few weeks ago were too similar to its predecessors, with the notable differences in the interface and not in the development of parties. Although there is no doubt that these new versions are canon FIFA also seem a step much more obvious front, one that itself might be worth the financial investment that ask players each season. We look forward to take much longer to analyze game makes a difference how far the ultimate FIFA 14 , but playing ball first feelings are certainly positive.

FIFA 14 update hits Xbox One

EA has released a new fifa coins update for the Xbox One version of the game.

Designed to resolve an issue where users are unfairly awarded a win or avoid a loss after disconnecting from FIFA Ultimate Team matches, the same FIFA 14 update was released for the PS4 version of the game on February 21.

EA said this week: “Our commitment to improve fifa ultimate team coins is ongoing, and regular feedback from our fans helps us prioritize and identify future improvements.

“Thanks for your feedback on Twitter, Facebook, and the EA Forums. We’ll continue to provide you with information through those channels as and when it becomes available.”

The next game in EA’s long-running football series, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, will launch exclusively on Xbox 360 and PS3 on April 15.

Explaining the decision not to release the title on Xbox One and PS4, an EA Sports spokesperson told CVG in February that the company’s goal was to “create a great game within our development resources that could reach as many people as possible”.

They added: “For our fans on the new generation of consoles and playing FIFA 14, we will have a range of engaging content, promotions and tournament within FIFA Ultimate Team so that those fans can experience the World Cup in unique and fun ways.”

Underground 2

Underground 2

When someone mentions EA to me, I immediately start thinking of cows. Firstly, I like cows: huge docile animals that give everything and ask for nothing in return. Cows are great, I watched the other day the industrial process of milking a cow on and it was fun. As I sat there and watched the huge sucking machine squeeze milk out of the cow udder, the words “challenge everything” kept ringing in my head. Is there some kind of strange connection between the process of milking cows and challenging the very foundation on which our life is based? There must be, I mean why I else would I be thinking about it while watching such a great show?

It should say on these plates.

Burning some o that N2O, baby!Sometimes these strange mental associations are strong while playing EA games and perhaps the strongest when playing any of their sports games. EA can often spot and launch a winner, but for every winner they make, they dish out three expansions and a watered down sequel that makes it quite clear to everyone what their long term goal is in regards to the initially exciting and successful franchise.

Still miracles do happen in life and I be the first to admit that for once, this strange association in my brain that connects EA games to cows doesn hold true. No, sir. I go out on a limb right away and say that Need for Speed Underground 2 is a game superior in every way to its predecessor. The franchise itself takes a very original turn, although the way in which it does it is not particularly original, as we had seen it applied with great success in games like Grand Theft Auto, Mafia and the likes.

The single biggest change for me in NFSU 2 is the addition of a free roaming city that you can navigate through by using your car built in GPS system. What this means is that you won simply be in the menu and clicking when you ready to play. Instead, the programmers have given you a fairly large city with five distinct neighborhoods to drive around in and look for races. This is truly a monumental shift in the franchise gameplay fundamentals as it allows the player to race at his own pace and gives the feeling of freedom you get from playing games like GTA. Only, in NFSU2, you be burning a serious amount of fuel in your screaming fast, pimped out wheels that would make the cars in GTA (and need I mention Mafia here) look like horse carriages. Hence, the career mode becomes a bona fide single player campaign: much more immersive, free flowing, and ultimately very, very addictive. You start out as an obscure wannabe racer and have to make your way through the underground street racing ranks. As you win races, your rep improves and you start signing sponsors. After some time, you be racing with the big boys and having your sweet set of wheels featured on the covers of racing mags and DVDs. The goal in the game is still the same; become the best underground racer and look good in the process. Beating people with a margin of three or more seconds as well as having the most pimped out ride (hey, the MTV show My Ride IS sponsored by EA) will get your star rating up there and you get more money from the sponsors. And all the while, you be able to just chill and enjoy the scenery as you speed away on what looks like a genuine traffic grid of a major city: with cleverly laid out highways, highway exits and intertwined city districts. This feature alone makes the sequel stand out in every way. Sure, they may borrowed the basic concept from other successful franchises, but it implemented so well that I don see how anyone in the world could object to its significance.

In addition to this one major change, NFSU 2 includes a number of new or excess features that you expect from any good sequel. Three new gameplay modes are added to last year circuit: drift and drag competitions. Each of the racing modes differs slightly from the other and in order to gain the competitive edge, you be able to fine tune your car for each gameplay mode. Speaking of fine tuning your car, the free roaming gameplay concept allows you to look for and unlock body, engine, accessories and paint shops all across the city. The level of customization to your car has also been increased, allowing you to make a distinctive set of wheels. But there is a catch; each time you get a new car, you have to customize it from scratch. While this might be slightly frustrating, the idea was to have you winning races so that you would make your new car as cool as the previous one and possibly even cooler. As your reputation grows, more districts and more car parts become available. You know how that works, right? The important thing is that the whole concept does what it supposed to: it keeps the player hungry for more racing and it makes you want to keep playing. I swear I caught myself saying, “just this one more race” a few times at 2 AM and I never said that while playing a racing game before.

As addictive as Need for Speed Underground 2 may be, it still not without its faults. I thought I never utter out these words in a million years, but I think that having Playboy model Brooke Burke narrate the cut scenes and play as your manager was not a good move by the producers. Well, not for the quality of the franchise anyway (the sales are a whole different matter). Brooke is featured in the skillfully drawn comic panel cut scenes that further the story, and will be talking to you over the cell phone frequently. And therein lays the problem you see. Brooke LOOKS good. She looks even better without her clothes on, but that girl can act to save her life. I heard midget porn actresses (when I visited a friend once who, um, has those kind of movies) read their lines more professionally. Now I don mind seeing Brooke but hearing that woman diction makes me think she needs to take a few more drama classes at the local Scientology and Life Betterment center. What this does for the game is kind of obliterate the funky, hip hop street wise image that the whole underground racing scene is founded on. Furthermore, there are a few other distinctively suburban white guys who try to use phrases like “a and “off the hook” and it all just sounds like they used Vanilla Ice as the special advisor on the project (Word Ed.).

In addition to the sad voice acting, some of the race tracks feel too generic at times and could used niftier features and shortcuts to spice them up. Granted, the situation is much better now because of the way the game plays, and the tracks are still a lot more diverse than in the original, but they are far from perfect. In the grand scheme of things, however, I could easily omitted this remark, as it doesn really take away from the game addictive qualities and the sheer fun you get from playing it.

I both blinded and dazzled by the lights. Though some of the details in the scenery are distinctively low poly (like the regular street traffic), the designers have used very clever tricks to make sure that the stuff that in your focus while you race looks downright beautiful.

What even better is the awesome soundtrack; a great selection of hard rock and hip hop tunes take the game feel to new heights and reinvent the term arcade racing Simply put, NFSU2 offers a HUGE adrenaline rush for the player; the biggest adrenaline rush I ever had while playing a racing game.

For what they supposed to do in an arcade racer, in game physics are in my humble opinion, fine tuned to perfection: they don feel constrictive, they certainly outrageous but still feel natural enough while you drive. Again, a true damage model is missing, but by now, I already used to this in NFS games. I don know why that is though; it probably because a more elaborate damage model would put too much strain on your CPU; what will all the other calculations that are going on on screen. The AI is aggressive and quite challenging, and races get tougher as you progresses further into the game. Of course, if the challenges become too easy for you, you can always connect to one of the game servers and enjoy some online competition. Certainly, this adds a lot to the game replay value.

With all its visual bells and whistles, the game ran very smoothly on my AMD 64 3400+/GeForce 6800 Ultra rig with all the graphics settings maxed out and with FSAA turned on. I haven tried it on a lower end system, but judging by how it works with all the settings maxed out, I say it should run smoothly even on mid level rigs.

I wholeheartedly recommend NFSU 2 to arcade racing fans the world over. Ultimately, it all comes down to how much fun you had with the game and if it was addictive enough to make you lose sleep over it. Need for Speed Underground 2 checks out in both these categories; it simply a fantastic sequel to an already good game. I wonder what got into EA, I kind of like thinking about cows while I playing their games. Now I don know if this is a good thing or a bad thing anymore. Well, I can always load up FIFA 2005 if I want images of milked cows to pop into my head.

Spain wins World Cup

Spain wins World Cup

With the scoreless match approaching toward a penalty shootout, and the Netherlands down to 10 men for the Netherlands defender John Heitinga was ejected when he got his second yellow card in extra time, Andres Iniesta collected a pass from his teammate Cesc Fabregas to fire home from close range and break Dutch hearts four minutes from the final whistle. The goal gave Spain its first FIFA World Cup, 1 0 over the Netherlands.

Therefore, Spain joined West Germany and France as the only nations that simultaneously hold the world and European titles. West Germany followed the European title with the 1974 World Cup and France won the 1998 Cup before winning the Euros two years later.

Moreover, it was the first time the European champions had reached a World Cup final and a bitter disappointment for the Netherlands who finished runners up for the third time after previously losing the 1974 and 1978 finals.

The eighth new FIFA World Cup champion is crowned on Sunday at Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg with the witness of millions of football/soccer fans around the world as well as Queen Sofia of Spain, world tennis star Rafael Nadal and NBA superstar Pau Gasol.

Up to now, the countries that have won the FIFA World Cup since 1930 include Uruguay (1930, 1950), Italy (1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006), Germany (1954, 1974 and 1990), Brazil (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002), England (1966), Argentina (1978, 1986), France (1996) and Spain (2010).

Should Third World Countries Host International Sporting Events

Should Third World Countries Host International Sporting Events

COMMENTARY The votes shocked the world. Long considered the front runner for the 2016 Olympics, Chicago found itself finishing fourth among the finalists, the result of tactical voting against what was considered the front runner in the competition to host the Olympics.

Then Tokyo was eliminated, followed by Madrid. There were all sorts of euphoric eruptions as Rio de Janeiro was nominated as the site. Even Republicans joined in the cheering, as it provided a slap in the face to the city with so many connections to Barack Obama.

Now, nobody seems to be cheering decisions to award the Olympics to non proven sites. A recent report issued showed that Brazil is nowhere near ready to host the 2014 World Cup, which it was given. And hosting the 2016 Olympics could be a disaster for the Summer Games, as photos from the critical report showed the cesspool where rowing events would take place.

And that’s not the only problem. Brazil’s frequent blackouts and crime levels are likely to scare off investors and would be tourists hoping to attend the event. Corruption and general government inefficiency have kept promised projects, supposed to be completed or almost ready at this moment, from being even started.

One only has to see the spectacle of Sochi’s 2014 Winter Olympics to see how this could be dangerous. Hideous hotels and laughable lavatories are one thing; but badly injured athletes from dangerous conditions and sparsely attended events are another. The event was supposed to showcase the rebirth of Russia, a second world country. But the games showed that Russia seems unprepared to host any other international event, and may be closer to Third World status than previously believed.

This is not some diatribe against non whites (or I wouldn’t have singled out Russia), or even non Western countries. South Africa seemed to do a decent job of hosting the 2010 Fifa World Cup, even if those vuvuzelas drove us crazy. But there seems to be a major difference between South Africa and the other two countries. And it involves government.

The Republic of South Africa isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly freer than Vladimir Putin’s Russia, where government power goes largely unchecked. And while Brazil may be relatively free, they aren’t necessarily free of corruption. China isn’t free, but has remarkable stability that separates it from its chaotic counterparts, enabling the country to host a relatively successful 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. That can be contrasted with Mexico City, where the brutal massacre of student protesters by the government overshadowed the 1968 contest. At least the country did better with the 1986 World Cup.

I know there’s a desire to open up the selection of Summer and Winter Olympic sites, as well as World Cup sites. But instead of awarding the events based upon sympathy and apology for past slights, one should wait for the country develop before bestowing that honor in the 1988 Summer Olympics and their shared hosting of the 2002 World Cup.

John A. Tures is an professor of political science at LaGrange College in LaGrange, Georgia. I am a political mythbuster of sorts. I write political columns for LaGrange Daily News and Southern Political R. This network uses both exit and country codes for making international calls.